Choose from the following categories of lab protocols. You can also access these pages from the drop-down menu above. Unpublished protocols are password protected.

  1. Ajo-Franklin Lab Manual
  2. Equipment SOPs
  3. General molecular biology
  4. General cell culture
  5. Microbial electrochemistry
  6. Anaerobic iron respiration
  7. Carbonate mineralization
  8. Cytochrome c expression & characterization

    1. Overexpression of c-Cytochromes in organisms besides E. coli
    2. Screening strains for cyt c expression in 96-well plates
    3. Cyt c expression: Aerobic expression in flasks
    4. Detecting CcmE via immunoblotting
    5. ECL analysis of cyt c expressing strains
    6. Detecting cyt c using TMBZ (heme) staining of PAGE gels
    7. Measuring Cyt c content of intact bacterial cells using diffuse reflectance
  9. Non-bio synthesis
  10. S-layers
  11. Supported membranes
    1. Biotage SOP
  12. Optical imaging
  13. SEM imaging
  14. Recipes
    1. Antibiotics
    2. LB Media & Plates
  15. Equipment SOPs
    1. Biotage
    2. Anaerobic Chamber
    3. FACS Aria

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