Current Group Members

As you will see from the descriptions below, we are a motley crew with backgrounds in biochemistry, bioengineeering, microbiology, chemistry, and electrical engineering. This makes for great collaborative science!

Dr. Caroline Ajo-Franklin
Principal investigator
email: cajo-franklin at lbl dot gov
Ph.D. Chemistry, Stanford, 2004
Favorite postulate: Ockham’s Razor. It’s simple and to the point.

Rita Garcia
NanoBio Lab Manager Extraordinare
email: rlgarcia at lbl dot gov
B.S. Biology, Scripps College, 2005
Favorite scientists: Archimedes of Syracuse (although Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, and Enrico Fermi are all close seconds)

Behzad Rad
Dr. Behzad Rad
Senior Engineering Associate
email: brad at lbl dot gov
Ph.D. Biophysics, UC Davis, 2009
Postdoctoral Fellow, LBL 2010-2014
Favorite scientists: Robert Koch

Ms. Marimikel Charrier
Scientific Engineering Associate
email: mmcharrier at lbl dot gov
B.S. Berkelee School of Music,
Favorite scientists (cannot choose just 1!): Max Delbrück, Sylvia Earle

Mr. Josh Atkinson
Visiting Graduate Student
email: jatk at lbl dot gov
Ph. D. candidate,
B.S. University of Michigan
Favorite Scientists: Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch

Lin Su
Mr. Lin Su
Visiting Graduate Student
email: linsu at lbl dot gov
Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical engineering, Southeast University (China), 2018
Favorite Scientist: Charles Darwin

Dr. Jose Cornejo
Postdoctoral Fellow
email: JACornejo at lbl dot gov
Ph.D. Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2015
Favorite Scientist: George Whitesides

Dr. Francesca Manea
Postdoctoral Fellow
email: FManea at lbl dot gov
Ph.D. Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences, Macquarie University, 2015
Favorite Scientists:Brian Greene (the physicist not the football player) and Fritz Zwicky

Dr. Moshe Baruch
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D. Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Hebrew University, 2014
Favorite Scientist: Nikola Tesla

Alexander Walczak
Undergraduate Researcher
Anticipated B.A. Applied Math, UC-Berkeley, 2017
Favorite Scientist: Isaac Newton

Andrew Prior


Andrew Prior
Undergraduate Researcher, 2016

Mr. Joshua Deng
Undergraduate Researcher, 2016
currently Undergraduate in Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

Dr. Tatsuya Fukushima
Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2016
currently: Research Scientist at Amano Enzyme USA
email: tatsuya dot fukushima at amano-enzyme dot com

Annie (Jingyi) Li
Undergraduate Researcher & resident artist, 2013-2015
currently: Storyboard Revisionist at Dreamworks Animation
email: li.j.annie at gmail dot com

Dimitri Umpriani
Undergraduate Researcher, 2013-2015

Greg Murray
Research Associate, 2014-2015
currently Graduate Student in Biochemistry, Notre Dame University

Dr. Michaela TerAvest
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2015
Currently: Assistant Professor Michigan State University
email: teraves2 at msu dot edu

Dr. Rena Mizrahi
Postdoctoral Fellow 2014
Currently: Senior Scientist at GigaGen
email: rena.mizrahi at gmail dot com

Matt Hepler
Masters student 2011-2013, co-advised with Prof. Jay T. Groves
email: mhepler at berkeley dot edu
B.S. Chemistry, University of Maryland, 2011

Dr. Ramya Tunuguntla
Graduate student advised by Prof. Peter Stroeve (UC Davis) and Dr. Aleksandr Noy (LLNL; UC Merced), worked at Foundry as user 2010-2014
Currently Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Aleksandr Noy (LLNL; UC Merced)
email: rtunuguntla at ucdavis dot edu

Dr. Jenny Cappuccio
Postdoctoral Fellow 2010-2014, Currently Assistant Professor at Humboldt State University
email: Jenny.Cappuccio at humboldt dot edu

Sean Stettner
Summer Undergraduate Intern 2013

Cheryl Goldbeck
Senior Engineering Associate 2008-2013, Currently at
email: cpgoldbeck at lbl dot gov

Dr. Heather M Jensen
Ph.D. Student co-advised with Prof. Jay Groves 2008-2013, Currently Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Aindrila Mukhopadhyay
email: dr.heather.jensen at gmail dot com

Dr. Aaron Albers
E. O. Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2011, jointly supervised with Brett Helms & Bruce Cohen, Currently Research Scientist-Chemist at Redwood Bioscience Inc., Emeryville, CA.
aalbers at redwoodbioscience dot com

Dr. Nina Kamennaya
Postdoctoral fellow 2010-2012, jointly supervised with Christer Jansson & Trent Northen
Currently Postdoctoral fellow with Christer Jansson & Hoi-Ying Holman, LBL
nkamennaya at lbl dot gov

Nicole Beedle
Undergraduate researcher 2011-2013
email: nbeedle at berkeley dot edu

Albert Shon
Undergraduate researcher 2011-2012,
B.S. Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley, 2013
Currently Engineer at Emerson Process Management
albert.shon at gmail dot com

Mark Kokish
Undergraduate researcher 2010-11
Currently Ph.D. student in Chemistry at Northwestern University
markkokish at gmail dot com

Eldon Chou
Undergraduate researcher 2011; B.S. Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Berkeley, 2011
Currently a Ph.D. student in Biochemistry at University of Colorado, Boulder in Amy Palmer’s group
Eldon.Chou at Colorado dot EDU

Ayumi Yu
Undergraduate researcher 2007-2010; B.A. Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Berkeley, 2010
Currently a software engineer at Leap Motion
ayu.yua at gmail dot com

Changrui Xiao
Undergraduate researcher 2007-2010, B.A. Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Berkeley , 2010
Currently a M.D. student at Duke University Medical School
changrui.xiao at duke dot edu

Yancey Appling
Undergraduate summer intern 2012
B.A. Microbiology, Clemson University, 2013
yanceya at g.clemson dot edu

Gillian Liu
Undergraduate summer intern 2011;
B. A. Environmental Studies, Middlebury College, 2013
glui at middlebury dot edu

Jackie Quinn
Undergraduate summer intern 2011; B. S. Biomedical Engineering, Harvard University, 2012
Currently Research Associate at Autodesk
jyquinn at post.harvard dot edu

Veronica Pillar
Undergraduate summer intern 2010; A. B. Physics, Princeton University, 2011
Currently a Ph.D. student in Physics at Cornell University in Sol Gruner’s group
vdp5 at cornell dot edu

Konstantin Malley
Undergraduate summer intern 2009; B.S. Biochemistry, UC Davis, 2009
Currently a M.D./Ph.D. student at St. Louis University
kmalley at slu dot edu

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