Biotage SOP

Important Notes

  • Use only 20 mL scintillation vials (have to be special VWR brand under the instrument)
  • Do not fill the scintillation vials with more that 8 mL of solvent
  • Use the special green key to insert the 20 mL vial into the holder
  • Do not put vials in slot “A”; it is bad and tends to drop samples
  • No sign-ups; first come first serve (~ 5 min/vial)
  • Do not edit prior person’s program. Wait for their run to complete and then start your run

Safety notes

  1. If removing TFA or a strong acid, wear appropriate PPE
  2. Close sash of the fume hood box when not in use
  3. If transporting vials between rooms, always close with the scintillation vial cap
  4. Do a “wash” vial at the end of your cycle with 20 mL iPrOH to clean out the tool


  1. Put vials in instrument using the green key to open up the levers. Remember final wash vial. Close fume hood.
  2. Check list of solvents and select the appropriate method to help reduce risk of solvent bumping (choloroform=volatile)
  3. Log-into computer. Log-in: NanoBio
  4. Close out the previous person’s run by directly exiting the program
  5. Open program. Don’t change any settings other than “method” (see step 2)
  6. Add vials starting at slot A
  7. On list, delete vial A and any unfilled slots
  8. On the software, hit run.

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